Yoga benefits everyone who does it. After six months of classes, you will feel like a different person - you will be calm, confident, and healthier than ever. This type of physical activity has no obvious contraindications and is supposed to improve many systems and organs. Yoga helps a person to improve in three spheres - physical, mental, and spiritual.
Yoga is a unique combination of breathing practices with effective exercises for tensioning and relaxing the body muscles.
Proper breathing during asanas (exercises) enhances the effect of physical actions and helps people control their attention. Asanas for muscle tension influence the deep-lying muscles, which begin to affect a person's internal organs.
This is a unique feature of yoga that makes it stand out among other types of physical activity. The class ends with a deep relaxation to calm the body and mind.

Yoga has been proven effective in:

  • Developing body flexibility
  • Ligament strengthening
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system (including peripheral)
  • Egulating the excretory system
  • Balancing the hormone level
  • Stabilizing the brain potential
  • Improving memory
  • Increasing concentration

Yoga classes give people the strength to overcome internal barriers, cope with anxiety, insomnia, chronic stress and fatigue syndrome, and internal stress and psychosomatics, which manifests in these conditions.

Yoga is not only about finding inner balance, strengthening and healing the body, it is also a way for people to explore themselves through their bodies. It is about concentrating attention on feelings, emotions, focusing on oneself. It is a way to harmonize relations between a person and the world.