Nancy Abdulaeva
Manicurist. Beautician.
+357 96 377676

Nancy has been working in the beauty industry for over 12 years. Her arsenal includes effective and innovative products and methods to combat various skin problems, a wide range of body, arm and leg care procedures, waxing, and eyebrow tinting. A professional approach to business allows her to provide customers with maximum comfort during the procedures and guarantee an excellent result.

Services and work methods

Mechanical and ultrasonic deep facial cleansing, blackhead removal, comedones extraction, skin peels.


Peel treatment containing 8 types of finest herbs, enzymes, minerals, vitamins. This procedure allows people with various dermatological problems to get clean and flawless skin. GREEN PEEL procedures are performed by certified masters and doctors. The choice of the complex depends on the goal of the client. In just 5 days, this classic superficial peel will refresh the skin of the face. Only 4 peel sessions will improve turgor and skin texture, restore cells of the epidermis. One Fresh-peel session per week is enough to get an instant spa and lifting effect, restore elasticity and moisture balance of the skin.

2. Holy Land PEELS

The PEELS professional treatments are universal and work differently depending on the concentration and ratio of the five acids combined in these peeling products. A specialist working with Holy Land PEELS selects treatment for each client individually, focusing on the type of solution and skin condition.

Facial procedures: lifting, lymphatic drainage, muscle-relaxing treatment.

1. Dermapen mesotherapy

The Dermapen mesotherapy stimulates skin rejuvenation, cell regeneration, and collagen production, resulting in reduced wrinkle depth and increased skin tonus.

2. OxyGeneo Pollogen Israel

OxyGeneo Pollogen Israel provides skin nutrition and oxygenation. Unlike other methods, OxyGeneo uses internal natural oxygen, which gives immediate results and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. The technique combines mild exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and deep rejuvenation of the face with the addition of necessary nutrients.


This method of treatment and skin restoration can be an addition to other procedures or skincare routine. It helps the master to work with different skin levels, eliminate acne, fight hyperpigmentation, and prevents skin aging.

4. VelaShape

VelaShape is a safe, non-invasive method that can be used for the face and whole body. It stimulates collagen and elastin production by combining 4 skin treatments: bipolar RF, infrared rays, classic massage, and pulsed vacuum.


Nancy works with well-known cosmetic brands that use the advanced achievements of modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetology: Holy Land, Dalton, Dr. Christine Schrammek and Zein Obagi.

Make an appointment with Nancy and leave your skincare procedures to a true professional. She will take care of your skin in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time for you to refresh your style and fill your face and body with beauty. You can make an appointment by calling this phone number: +357 96 377676.