Karina Ammar
Karina Ammar is a Tattoo Master with 17 years of working experience
+357 96 277110

Karina Ammar has 17 years of working experience. Karina's work in the beauty industry began in 1995. As a cosmetologist, she mastered a related field - the profession of a makeup artist. After obtaining the necessary knowledge and certificates, Karina worked as a stylist for many years.

In 2003, she finished the course of permanent makeup and has since been working in this area. Karina passed an individual course of Alla Demina in America, as well as the course of the grandmaster Svyatoslav Otchenash in Italy. Karina has awarded a diploma from Golden Eye, one of the world's most famous tattoo companies, for her expertise.

She uses the latest methods and developments in the field of tattooing and is skilled in various techniques.

The desire for constant professional growth, an individual approach to clients, and the ability to choose stylish and harmonious tattooing are Karina's advantages that ensure her success in the beauty industry.

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