About our studio

Founded in 2012

During this time, it has changed and transformed many times in order to provide customers with the best service and expand the range of services.


The studio first had three dance halls, two of which were pole ones. The priority direction was aerial acrobatics with a circus ring, aerial silks, pole. Back then, it was a new and exclusive activity for Cyprus, so the Moon Pole Dance Studio (as it was called first) immediately attracted the local community's attention.

The success of the project was so great that Anna Gubareva, the creator of the studio, organized a pole dance championship at the studio in the first year. The competition became international in one year.

For five years, the studio held the world's largest Pole Art Championship


By 2015 studio trainers' desire to dance and develop made the studio grow and occupy the entire building. Now teachers could work in eight different rooms. Now there was a reception, a children's room, and cozy changing rooms for the convenience of our guests. Drago Nagard, a famous designer, created the unique interior and the excellent atmosphere of the renovated MooN studio.


In 2016, the One-Stop shop concept was implemented in the studio; a beauty salon was opened. The great masters of massage, cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, permanent makeup, and hairdressing work here.

MooN nowadays

Today MooN offers you:
  • More than 30 different classes: dancing, fitness, aerial silks, yoga, pilates, meditation
  • Morning, afternoon and evening classes
  • Group and individual lessons

We offer our customers both popular and exclusive types of activities. Our youngest students are three years old, and the eldest ones are 60+.